Guidelines For Making A Traditional Boerewors

  • Use only the freshest and best quality ingredients.
  • Use good quality meat from a butcher.
  • Remove all sinews from the meat before cutting it into 50mm cubes for grinding.
  • If you are adding fat, ensure that it is rindless and cut into smaller 10mm cubes.
  • Ensure that all the ingredients are well refrigerated before mixing.
  • Evenly mix the ingredients before grinding the mixture using a medium-coarse 4.5mm mincer plate.
  • Rinse your casing thoroughly with chilled water before use and fill it firmly, but not too tightly. 
  • Let the prepared boerewors stand overnight in the refrigerator in order to allow the spices and seasoning to permeate and settle in the meat.
  • Make sure the boerewors you will be using in the competition stages is freshly made. Do not freeze, store and thaw for later use.
  • Hang your boerewors to drain any excess fluid away.
  • Your boerewors must contain at least 90% meat, always containing beef, as well as pork and/or lamb. The remaining 10% should comprise of spices, herbs and fluids.
  • Your boerewors shouldn’t contain more than 30% fat.